ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

ROTORSKU: C04-017-01010
  • Weight: 54g Steel / 49g Ceramic
  • For 30mm Spindle Cranks
  • For use with BB30, BB30a and BB30 F-Si



This is as simple as bearing kits get. The ROTOR BB30 Steel Bottom Bracket Bearing set is for mating 30mm thru-axle cranks with BB30 bottom brackets.

BB30 bottom brackets have a 68mm shell width and a 42mm inner diameter. The bearings have a 30mm inner diameter which mates with the 30mm outer diameter of BB30 cranks.

ROTOR makes both the 3D30 and 3D30+ cranks with 30mm thru-axles. This bottom bracket allows you to install those cranks. It also allows for the installation of BB30 cranks from other manufacturers. And BB386 EVO cranks, pretty much only made by FSA.

The kit consists of two clips, two bearings, and two shields. You’ll need a press to install it.

Customer Reviews

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ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

Rotor does use Enduro, so they are great.

Warm Toes
ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

I needed a cost effective replacement bearing for my BB30. I have been very pleased with how smooth these are - much better than the FSA bearings that came with the bike. Very quiet as well - not a single creak. I have 500 miles on this set but so far so good.

ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

I have a felt with BB30. I've gone through replacement FSA and SRAM bearings which last for a bit before the usual squeaking starts. I got these on the advice of an ex-pro (conti level) friend and they are great. Roll well well and haven't made a noise in the year since I fitted them.

ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

Great quality thankfully. Note I purchased these to replace FSA bearings that are used with an FSA crankset. After install with new Rotor bearings I was left with about a 2mm gap. Appears these bearings are slightly narrower than FSA bearings, and no wave washer or spacers are supplied with this kit (what you see in the photo is what you get). I had to remove my crank and removed the bearings a couple times to confirm it was installed properly, before eventually purchasing a wave washer and spacer from my LBS. Luckily the bearing quality is such that I was able to remove and install multiple times and the bearings are still in very good operational condition. Comforting if you are one that enjoys disassembling and cleaning your components.

ROTOR Bearings Set BB30 Steel

Fitted these to my CAADX to replace the originals that started creaking after 1000 miles, the rotor set were a great price, seem like a reasonable quality, fitted as expected and most importantly, the creaking has stopped.
Not sure about longevity, the first 100 miles have been fine, we'll see.

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