Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

RokformSKU: 343621

Phone: iPhone 11/XR


Protecting your phone includes keeping your screen visible and scratch free, and Rokform's screen shield protectors will help you just do that. Easy to apply, our screen shields combine clarity with protection. With protectors for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, Rokform is dedicated to keep your phone safe.
  • 9H hardness for ultimate scratch resistance
  • High quality tempered glass manufactured in Japan
  • Ultra thin .33mm
  • 3D touch compatible

Customer Reviews

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George H.
Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

This protector seems heavier than just a regular flimsy protector. I suspect That the edges won't peal away like other types. No more dust and dirt on my phones edges

Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Love mine. Even better in person. Raised edges help protect the screen. Sides are trippy enough but don't hang up in pockets. I added the pop twist adapter for the car so I could remove the extra magnet without removing case when I used my bike mounts.

Ron S.
Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The protector was very easy to apply, clean screen and press on. No water, special tools, anything, just put it on and press in the center, perfect application.

Michael G.
Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The cases y'all make are the best. The magnet for securing my gfs phone to various places, the protection it provides when my gfs phone flies from her hands to the ground, the roklock system is great for gps usage while driving and the overall satisfaction of watching my gf fumble with her keys getting stuck to her phone is hilarious. I also have one of your cases on an iPhone 11 Pro Max or whatever this pocket tablet/phone is called. I use mine for cycling in a handlebar system which rocks as well.

Tom P.
Rokform Tempered Glass Screen Protector

When I got my 8+ iPhone a few months ago I got the Rokform case and tempered glass cover. I thought it was probably being overly protective since I'm very careful with the phone.
Well, a couple weeks ago my phone fell off a coffee table with the face hitting a sharp metal corner on one of the legs. When I picked up the phone I saw a deep half inch scratch across the glass. I immediately thought the phones screen was a goner. Upon taking the ruined cover off (which came off in pieces), I found the phones screen didn't even have a nick on it. Unbelievable! This was definitely money well spent. I'll never own a phone with out this case and screen cover.

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