Muc-Off eBike All Weather Lube, 250ml

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Our high-performance synthetic chain lube, called eBike All-Weather Chain Lube, is made especially for the high torque loads that are delivered to eBike chains. Our special non-fling, water-repellent compound gets deep into the chain link to generate a strong protective layer that prevents corrosion and wear from metal to metal. Even the strongest e-bike drivetrains can withstand the lube's special combination of severe pressure additives. Long-distance, on-and off-road riding in all weather situations with high torque loads will be lubricated by our recipe. You'll get the best protection possible over extended distances with unparalleled lubrication intervals.

Customer Reviews

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Gabriel C

The Muc-Off eBike All Weather Lube has transformed my riding experience. The drivetrain operates smoothly, and it significantly reduced chain noise. A must-have for a quiet and enjoyable ride

Joseph G

I'm impressed with how long this lube lasts between applications

Ariel C

Since using this lube, I've noticed a significant improvement in the lifespan of my chain.


Whether it's rain or shine, this lube adapts to the conditions seamlessly.

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