All Mountain Style Kickstand

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AMS Kickstand. A minimalist and portable bike stand for the year we live in.

Inspired on the sticks we all use to stand our bikes on the side of the trail, or at the coffee stop for that Instagram story to share with friends. Sticks you find on your route are simple, affordable and sustainable, but they're not portable (well, somewhat) and they’re not always available. 

On top of that you can use the AMS kickstand at home or anywhere you let your bike rest. 

Remember when you were a child riding bikes around your neighbourhood?. You were not as sensitive to bike weight or cool factor at ride stops, but you can surely remember how convenient that kickstand on your bike was. 

Here you have the kickstand for the year we live in: keeping your bike weight low and your cool factor high.

Patent Pending.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Modular and adjustable to use on bikes ranging from gravel to DH bikes.
  • Designed and made in Barcelona.

Customer Reviews

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John Allen
All Mountain Style Kickstand

Well made, very adjustable, only issue is that if bike can roll, it will fall over. Parking with the front wheel turned seems to work the best. Will not work with impact protecting sleeves on crank arms.

Morten Stordahl
All Mountain Style Kickstand

I was hoping it wold have been more stable, but it work wery good for taking pictures if its not windy. It will get a super nice when its buildt more stable.

Peter Priecinsky
All Mountain Style Kickstand

The Kickstand bends, the e-bike (Cube STEREO HYBRID 160 Action Team 500 27.5, model 2018) can't stand in place without moving. I'm worried that the e-bike will fall to the ground.
I think instability is caused by the high weight of the e-bike (it weighs exactly 24.9 kg). Probably the Kickstand is undersized for this weight.

Rico Lee
All Mountain Style Kickstand

It offers the convenience of kickstand when you can't bolt one on the frame. But it turns out that it's too easy to slide into the non-driving arm of Shimano GRX 810 48-31T double crankset. Maybe it's a deliberate effort to offer room to cranks with AMS Crank Defender installed

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