KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

KMCSKU: X12 x 126L, Ti Gold



1/2" X 11/128"
Pin Length: 5.2 mm
126 Links
Weight: 268 grams
Extremely durable
Non Directional
Titanium Nitride Gold/Black
SRAM MTB and Shimano rear 12-speed derailleur systems

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lou Daniels
KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

I use KMC chains on my Enduro, Trail and DH bikes. I've never had any problems with them. Best chains for the $.

Harry L
KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

This chain has been great so far and has made my shifting so much smoother. I will definitely purchase again

John D.
KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

These fit all 12 speed drive trains and are very strong. Have had several of these on numerous bikes from Enduro to cross country and no issues ever.

KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

She's sweet the local bike shop told me I couldn't get a gold chain in 12 speed that suits sram and this one I bought from you guys is working sweet

Thomas P
KMC X 12 Speed 126L Chain

So far so good! After breaking an Eagle 12 speed NX chain, and the subsequent GX chain (neither one at the master link either!) with less than 50 miles on either, (despite care taken to not shift under load, etc) I was about to switch to a 1x10 setup (in favor of the thicker chain) when I decided to give KMC a chance since it worked very well on my old bike with a 1x8 setup. Took new bike with this KMC chain for a 22 mile ride today and really reefed on the pedals rather than downshifting up lots of short but steep hills. No broken chain, not even a need to adjust the derailleur. Shifts just as smooth as with the Eagle chains. I'd prefer a darker color but that's just me. Initial quality looks impeccable, I will definitely update if anything breaks or I experience early stretch etc.

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