KMC Rust Buster Anti-Rust 112 Link Chain

KMCSKU: S1 RB x 112L, Anti Rust



New KMC S1 RB Rust Buster Single-Speed Bicycle chain, 1/2" x 1/8" 112-Link.

Color: Light Matte Gray

Chain Overview & Specs:

  • For non-derailleur bikes: BMX, cruisers, etc.
  • Rustbuster rust-proof finish, suitable for beach environments and winter commuting
  • Includes KMC Master Link
  • Links: 112
  • Width: 9.3mm
  • Drivetrain Speeds: Single-speed, 1/2" x 1/8"
  • Chain Connection Type: Reusable master link

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
peter draganov

KMC Rust Buster Anti-Rust 112 Link Chain

Rick Wuolle

KMC Rust Buster Anti-Rust 112 Link Chain

Anthony Lampp
Rust Buster Chain

This is a great chain for my cruiser. It arrives in excellent condition and was ready for installation. Very easy install and works great. Love it!!

B Lake
KMC Rust Buster Anti-Rust 112 Link Chain

Nice chain. Easy to break a link for sizing. Used it to rebuild a rusted up yard sale beach cruiser so my expectation are not that high. It is now the only thing on the bike that isn't rusted.

KMC Rust Buster Anti-Rust 112 Link Chain

High quality and rust resistant! Decent replacement for kids chain since we live close to ocean. Hasn't rusted since installed and construction looks to last much longer than OEM chain.

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