Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

Lizard SkinsSKU: LOLDS010

Style: Logo


Experience what so many cyclists are using. The Logo grip is perfect for those with medium sized hands and provides excellent durability.
  • Weight: 120 grams
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Diameter: Medium (31.75 mm)

Customer Reviews

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Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

Really comfortable, grippy, and I my hands don't go numb from death gripping. I had a pair of Odi rouge grips that are also very comfortable but my ha da would get numb from death gripping. These lizard skin grips solved that problem.

Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

Installation was completely painless and completed in under 10 minutes. All you need is a set of metric hex keys and you're in business. Like many people, my gym has been closed down due to Covid-19. "I may not have access to weights, but I still have my trusty old Trek 3500 for cardio, right?!" I said to myself with nervous laughter. well, not quite. This thing was never a great mountain bike to begin with. Rigid-framed, no suspension whatsoever. I remember it costing me a little over $200 when I bought it brand new about 15 or so years ago. But to a kid, that was a lot of money, and I loved the thing to death. It symbolized freedom, both spiritually and financially... okay maybe I'm waxing poetic here, but I loved that bike. And there it sat in front of me coated in dust, fasteners flecked with rust, grips falling apart, with tires as deflated as my enthusiasm for my lower-middle class job. It was a sad sight, but I wasn't willing to give up on an old friend. It needed and still needs a lot of work. But my first step was to replace the ratty old grips, and the Northshore grip fit the bill. I needed cushy grips to help absorb impact (see reference to lack of suspension) and these work beautifully. Actual grip is also second to none. If you're thinking about purchasing these grips, just do it. They're incredibly comfortable, and maybe they'll help breath some life back into that sad, dusty old bike sitting in your garage.

Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

I bought these 4 years ago. Yeah, I finally decided to write my review. They are still on the bike and holding up perfectly. There are great for people with larger hands. Granted, not the perfect solution for larger hands, but a lot better than all the smaller grips that hurt my hands. I still can't figure out how they get them to remain so sticky even after 4 years of use. The only way they could make these better is if they gave them away for free.

Susan K
Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

I much prefer a larger diameter grip and these do the job well. Nice and squishy; secure on the bike.
I ride without gloves on gravel rides/XC but with gloves for trail/enduro. Very comfy. They have quite a few miles on them now and still look brand new. Unlike Ergon grips, the end caps never pop out. The orange is a little bright, more of a tangerine, but overall a great product.

Alex Hilt
Lizard Skins Dual-Sided Lock-On

Great grips. soft and supportive without being overly squishy. Seem to hold up well to wet/sweaty gloves. Made a noticeable difference in trail riding comfort level my first time out. Did not slip a bit. They are very easy to install, just need a small allen key to tighten down the end locks. Includes bar end plugs.

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