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veloToze Toe covers are designed to keep cyclists’ feet warm on cool, foggy mornings. They are made of a flexible, lightweight material that is waterproof, windproof and aerodynamic. They are very light, weighing less than 25 grams a pair and are compact, folding up smaller than a spare tube, which allows them to easily fit in a jersey pocket or saddle bag. Triathletes can put them on their cycling shoes before a race, saving valuable time in transition. Whether it’s race day, training day or just another commute day, veloToze Toe Covers will keep your feet comfortable.


  • Water-resistant: designed to cover the toe of your shoe with a water-proof material that keeps fog, mist and road splash off your shoes
  • Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm, even on cool mornings (10C/50F to 18C/65F)
  • Lightweight: made of a flexible, lightweight material that doesn’t retain water when wet
  • Aerodynamic: smooth, flexible material creates a form-fitting design
  • Easy to Remove: as you warm-up on your ride, quickly slip them off
  • Compact: easily fits in jersey pocket or saddle bag


1: Put on sock and shoe

2: Pull Toe Cover over toe of shoe, being careful not to catch on cleats

3: Adjust to ensure no part of Toe Covers are over cleats.


  • To clean wipe with a cool, wet cloth.
  • To dry hang over a hanger or ledge or wipe with a dry cloth. The material does not absorb water, so they should dry quickly. Do not put Toe Covers in clothes washer.
  • After repeated use, apply talcum or baby powder to inside of Toe Cover to prevent sticking


  • To prevent water from entering the shoe from the bottom of the shoe, remove insole of shoe and place tape over vent opening.
  • Avoid contact with sharp objects
  • Do not store in direct sunlight

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James S. Naber
VeloToze Toe Cover

Work great easy to install not sure about durability.

Keith heron
VeloToze Toe Cover

I like the figment but hoped it would be available in more breathable material

Hamilton Stoneypoint
VeloToze Toe Cover

These covers do work well but be advised they won't last more than one season. They are made out of thin rubber which does do a great job of weather protection but when you take your shoe out of the cleat to stop and rest on the pavement it wears out and the rubber will eventually break. This was unexpected but now that I understand the composition and design of the product I know what I am getting. I would buy again because they work, are not expensive and look totally great.

VeloToze Toe Cover

It's hard to give a star rating to these as I just want to write my personal idea of what these can be used for. I think these are useless for the price if you want just toe covers. My idea was to use these as a base layer below my very water-resistant, but not water-proof shoe covers to protect the front of my foot where you'll get the main force of a shower. For that purpose I think they're great. But I used them one day alone on my bike and they got tore up on the bottom where there is friction with your pedal. I think if they are protected from your pedal such as with my shoe covers on top then they work great. As stand-alone toe covers they aren't worth the money, unless you're rich. They look cool.

VeloToze Toe Cover

I bought a new pair of Lake CX402 shoes (Which are also fab!) so needed something to try and them dryish in the lovely British summer showers. These mini condoms fit over my white Lakes perfectly and I have uk size 14/ Pre-Brexit Euro 50 feet and will keep my Toze dry.... (See what I did there?!)

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