Ravemen LS-CT03 Light Set

RavemenSKU: LS-CT03



Light set for daily commuting and urban riding.

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Gus C

The Ravemen LS-CT03 Light Set is a fantastic addition to my biking gear. The headlight's performance is excellent, and the tail light's visibility is a standout feature. Easy to install and a game-changer for night rides.


"I'm loving the Ravemen LS-CT03 Light Set. The headlight's brightness is perfect for dark trails, and the tail light's design adds a touch of sophistication. Ravemen has thoughtfully designed a set that meets all my cycling needs

Clarence S

Kudos to Ravemen for the LS-CT03 Light Set. The headlight's beam is bright and focused, making it perfect for both urban and off-road cycling. The tail light's design adds a modern touch to my bike

Haden L

Ravemen has hit the mark with the LS-CT03 Light Set. The headlight's powerful beam illuminates the road ahead, and the tail light's multiple modes add an extra layer of safety. A must-have for any cyclist.

Francis N

The Ravemen LS-CT03 Light Set is a complete package for cyclists. The headlight's brightness is outstanding, and the tail light ensures visibility from a distance. A reliable set for both safety and visibility

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