Ravemen TR300 Tail Light

RavemenSKU: TR300

Battery: 1600mAh
Max Output: 300lm


With 3 high lumen CREE XP-E2 red LEDs, TR300 provides larger viewing angle and max 300 LED lumens on flashing modes to keep the rider clearly visible in both daytime and night riding. The light also comes with an optional Auto on-off function under which the light will turn on automatically when sensing a motion and switch off after staying still for 2 mins.

Customer Reviews

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Rafael H

If you want an ultra-bright LED with several flashing options, this light is excellent. The battery life is quite good, too. It lasted 9+ hours on the brightest setting in 90-degree heat


I got this light looking for a good solution for the back of our Burley Bee trailer. It’s important to be as visible as possible when you have a child in tow! I found this light and initially I was impressed with its design as the main LEDs sit behind a magnified portion of the cover. I thought that would bode well for its visibility and projections. I was proven right when I fired the light up in strobe mode! You CANNOT miss this light! As outlined in my video it comes with many lighting options all of which are very good. The side visibility is also good despite not being built for that specifically.

Mike R

My usual rides are 4-5 hrs. This light has not failed to stay lit on any ride. I don't bother to turn it off during any breaks, unless its brightness would disturb other people at the stop.

Walt G

It's bright. I like the different flashing functions. The Brake Light option works great and the battery is still operating on the first charge.

Jake Q

I had my doubts about this type of light working but so far it's exactly as advertised. I use it on 3 different "bikes". A Rambler 16 because it's brighter than the tail light that comes on the bike. On a FREEGO EV DK200 because the brake light that came on the bike stopped working and this was an emergency replacement. And on a Coleman BT200X Minibike I ride around town because it didn't come with any rear lights and this thing has saved my butt numerous times on rides.

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