KMC eBike 136L Chain

KMCSKU: e11 Silver x 136L

Style: Silver
Type: 11 Speed


  • Special design for mid-motor E-bikes
  • Eco Proteq Technology
  • 1/2" x 11/128" x 136L
  • Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM 9 speed system

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Paul Danrich
E Bike Chain

Needed over 130 links, and after researching what other’s stated about this chain, it’s a no brained. Wore out the original chain on my 1500w fat tire e-bike in under 1400 miles, so hoping to double that. Just note if your existing chain is stretched beyond .07 on a chain gage, you’ll need to replace the Casette and chainring(s) as well so they all mate and wear together. If you just throw a new chain on a worn cassette and chainring(s), the drivetrain will skip badly.

gary mclane
KMC eBike 136L Chain

I got 3000 miles with no trouble on my 1000w rear hub fat ebike.

Michael S
KMC eBike 136L Chain

Have a Haibike with the Yamaha PW 500W motor on it. Stretched the OEM KMC X9 chain to uselessness within month of regular use. This chain has lasted easily twice that and still going strong. Highly recommend.

KMC eBike 136L Chain

1000 miles since my original review in February 2018 (it is now late May 2018). No issues whatsoever. No sign of stretch.
Seems to handle my 1500w BBSHD no problem whatsoever.
Top Tip: Its common to need to section two chains together to get a proper chain length on a wide-ratio rear cluster... especially with a BBSHD that often has a large front chainring to go along with that wide cluster in back. With 136 links you get a stronger chain and enough links to do the job with just one.

KMC eBike 136L Chain

Works like a charm on my ebike

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